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Chatting Over Coffee

Life Coaching

A gospel-centered life coach is a professional coach who integrates the teachings and principles of the Christian gospel into their coaching practice. This means that they use the message and values found in the Gospel, which is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, as a foundational framework for guiding and coaching individuals.

Leadership Coaching

A Christian Leadership Life Coach is a professional coach who specializes in working with individuals, particularly those in leadership roles, to help them integrate Christian faith and values into their leadership practices and personal development. This type of coach combines the principles of leadership development with Christian principles, helping clients become more effective leaders while remaining true to their faith and Christian values.

Group Therapy
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Ministry coaching

A Christian ministry coach is a professional who provides coaching services to individuals or groups involved in Christian ministry. The primary goal of a Christian ministry coach is to help pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and others in ministry roles develop their leadership skills, fulfill their spiritual calling, and navigate the unique challenges they may face in their roles.

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